​​film (adr, dubbing, narration)​| ​The Terrorist (NewsCaster), HYDRO (Scientist), Revelations (Tom Diamond), LIKE (Facebook), May the Fourth be with you (Emperor Palpatine), 
​​​animation (film tv and internet)| Viking Tales (principal and supporting),​ Stapleton (principal and supporting), Zombie Catchers (principal), Ninja Adventure: The Search for Vow (principal and supporting), Iridescent Tournament (supporting), The Winged Guardian (supporting) LOCO (principal), PIXEY (principal), EvoCronik (supporting), Inferno Sky (supporting), AA with Milky (supporting), Space Delivery (supporting)
​​video games | Next Up Hero (principal), MARVEL's Avengers Academy (supporting),  DROPZONE (supporting), Midnight at the Celestial Palace (principal and supporting), The Wardrobe (supporting), The Order of the Thorne (principal), The Last Dream (principal), STAIRS (supporting), RackNRuin (principal and supporting), Heroes of Newerth (supporting), Mysteries of New York 2 (supporting), Ghost Ring (supporting), Rush of Heroes (principal and supporting), Backstage Pass (supporting), Rising Fates (supporting), Vegan Zombies (supporting), Rites of Passing (supporting), Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff (supporting)


industrials (narration, dubbing, adr) |  Bridgestone (Internal, Training Videos), Discovery Studios (Pilot, Internal, ADR), National Strategic Protective Services (Training Videos), Creativ Digitali (Dubbing), SpreadFilms (Dubbing)

commercials (tv, radio and internet) | ZOHO (National and International TV Spot, Internet), BridgIt School (Internet), Nexus Acedemy (National TV Spot, Regional TV Spot, Radio Tags), 75Seconds (Internet), TorchLite (Internet), Fisher Price (Regional TV Spot), KSU (Internet),  Your Bubble (Internet), Don't Feed the Bears (Regional TV Spot) NortherCasino (Regional), PinDrop Security (Internet), Earn Your Future (Internet), BetterWorks (Internet), Pfizer (Internet)