• Andy Field - Videogames1:27
  • Chris Sharpes - Videogames1:29
  • Alan Adelberg-Videogame1:42
  • Matthew Curtis - Videogames1:29
  • Blade O'Neill - Videogames1:30
  • Dianna Conley-Videogames1:40
  • Matthew Curtis - Animation1:18
  • Jean Francois Donaldson-Animation1:42
  • Chris Sharpes - Animation1:31

​Now accepting a limited amount of requests.

Please supply a referral when applying.

Welcome to the Creation Station where you and I can create your Voice Over demo. A demo is your business card and first impressions are everything. I take pride in the creation of my demos and will work hard to make your voice and acting shine. I currently only offer demos for Cartoons, Animation and Videogames. 

Are you ready for a new Demo? 

  • Experienced in VoiceOver/Performance and/or working with a coach?
  • Do you have access to Broadcast Ready Studio or have one in your home?


  • ​​​Full Production: This includes the adding of Music, Sound Effects and Mastering the Audio. 
  • Consultation: I need to get to know you! I need to know what Videogames or Shows you like and companies you want to work for as well as what you are good at so we can play to your strengths and create a great demo
  • Studio Access: If a broadcast ready studio is not available to you I offer the Imagination Station as a place to record at no extra charge. 
  • In Session Direction: In addition to producing your demo I will provide direction during the recording session or you may have your coach direct you through the session.
  • Script Writing: I provide professional script writing to create original scripts tailored specifically for you.
  • Delivered Audio: The Demo can then be sent to you in any audio form you like as well as being optimized for some demo players like VoiceZam.
  • Just good fun:  While a demo is a professional and serious step in your VO career it doesn't mean we can't have fun while recording. Who knows? That wisecrack you made might be the thing to let your voice shine.
  • Pricing: 1400 USD for each Demo.