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From those humble beginnings I have had the pleasure of working in nearly  all forms of Voice Over from Radio to TV to Explainer videos to Audiobooks to, my favorite, Cartoons and Videogames.


I am grateful to be doing what I love and thankful to my wonderful wife and son for putting up with me at work.

 Inspired with a mind churning with voices I would create my own dramas and adventures on an old cassette recorder, hidden under blankets for the best sound and sneaking into my parents' master bathroom if I needed the echo of sewers or cathedrals. Once I discovered cartoons my roster of characters expanded and I began to mix and match my favorite voices, something I still do to this day. I even took a stab at narrating my own audiobooks, starting at first with my stories and then trying to tackle Lord of The Rings so my father could listen to it in his car. A surprise I wanted to keep until it was finished. So he still doesn't know about it yet.

​​​​I have been performing nearly my entire life whether it be singing onstage, acting in front of the camera or working behind the microphone but Voice Over has always been my passion.  As I was growing up in California my parents would supply us kids with an endless amount of cassettes ranging from the comic styling of Abbott and Costello, the original radio drama, The Shadow and to the lessons learned from Mr. Whittaker in Adventures in Odyssey. 


​When I was four years old I stepped out on a stage. I was dressed in yellow and black and spoke my one line in my best bee voice, "But where is the Honey?" As I blinked in the light I knew then what I wanted to be. I wanted to be an Astronaut. . .
But being a Voice Actor proved to be even better, giving me the ability to not only go to other worlds but take my audience with me.